Belgian Luxury Jewellery

Dulci Nea is a registered trademark.


A jewellery line characterized by a high level of artisan craftmanship, innovative designs and with real market demands.

“Dulci Nea, sparkling creations for the woman of your dreams” ... and that is what we create: jewellery which brings a prelude to a woman’s silhouette: refined and elegant.



Cathy B.

Jewellery designer

Thanks to many efforts and all our clients who believed in us, we were able to build a strong Brand Name on the Belgium market.

Dulci Nea is now synonymous of quality and our designs are worn every day.

“Ma dulcinée “, a French word for a woman who inspires passion and romance.

Dulci Nea was the imaginary beloved of Don Quixote in the novel by Cervantes.

"Jewellery designed with love

By a woman for women"